Jon Lott

In 2006 the US Defense Department sought an alternative to the existing Recruitment Center in Times Square. Their predicament was one of image — to represent itself within Times Square. But how could such a diverse public readily relate in this hyper-commercial context?

A distorted pentagon fits the scene. The hollow mass is held above ground, allowing collective access to its interior. Clad in highly reflective cushions, the floating box is camouflaged by its context, reflecting at various points either sky or city. Inside, is a lifestyle facility where visitors experience the transplanted life of deployed troops. On top, is a roof garden — sampled from currently US-occupied environments.




Name: Times Square Recruiting Center

Client: US Defense Department

Year: 2006

Status: Concept Design

Type: political

Location: Times Square, New York City

Program: military lifestyle center

Team: Jon Lott, Dominic Leong, Brian Price

Publications: 1000x Architecture of the Americas (2008) by Braun

All images © PARA

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