Jon Lott Huntington HallJon Lott Huntington HallJon Lott PARA Project Huntington Hall

Jon Lott PARA Project Huntington Hall



Name: Huntington Hall Commons

Client: Syracuse University

Year: 2011 competition, 2013 complete

Status: built

Type: educational

Location: Syracuse, NY

Program: entry, lobby/commons

Budget: $1.4 million

Competition Team: Jon Lott, Hilary Pinnington, Brian Price

Project Team: Jon Lott, Julien Leyssene, Dennis Harvey

Consultants: Robert Silman Associates (structure), L’Observatoire (lighting), GHD (MEP/civil)

Contractor: Rich & Gardener Construction

Publications: American City X (2014) by Princeton Architectural Press

All images © PARA

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